Infrared Emitters

Used for industrial heating, our infrared quartz emitters are designed and engineered to your specifications. When you need to apply precise heat radiation with infinite controllability, infrared heating technology is the best option.


Ring Infrared Emitters

Ring infrared emitters offer ideal designs for flat or circular applications that require instantaneous heat in compact sizes. The integrated reflective layers found on these emitters allow a better management of the emitted heat by directing it precisely to the surface of the part.

ring infrared emitters
ring infrared emitters
ring infrared emitters

Ring Emitters:

Available in standard and custom configurations:


  • Short-Wave: 100 Watts/linear in.
  • Fast-Response Medium-Wave: 100 Watts/linear in.
  • Carbon-based Meduim-Wave: 100 Watts/linear in.
  • Medium-Wave: 25 Watts/linear in.
  • Center Diameter measured in whole inches
  • Voltages: 120VAC, 240VAC, 480VAC
  • Available with straight wire leads, quick-disconnects, 90 degree leads and full 360 degree configurations
  • Multiple coatings available: Gold, Ceramic and Ruby

ring infrared emitters dwg

ring infrared emitters dwg

ring infrared emitters

ring infrared emitters