Thermal Monitoring Systems

Complete process monitoring through an integrated thermal imaging system with real-time infrared thermal data collection and designed software intelligence. Complete automation and control utilizing FLIR infrared thermal cameras.

thermal monitoring systems

Thermal Process Monitoring Systems

Emitted Energy has created a complete process monitoring solution through integrated thermal imaging systems. With real-time infrared thermal data collection and designed software intelligence, these systems depict out of control process limits with analytical trending for analysis and smart decision making. The systems can connect to your existing PLC’s to communicate with your machinery, thus gaining control of your process, preventing unwanted issues and wasted scrap. Utilizing FLIR infrared thermal cameras, these systems will provide the best and most reliable information allowing you to optimize your quality needs. For complete automation and control, go with the ultimate machine integration solution for complete process control.

Thermal Process Monitoring Workstation

A complete mobile workstation, positionable throughout automation intensive facilities. The Thermal Process Monitoring Workstation is the powerhouse system to monitor automated applications. Fully integrable into one or multiple systems, the workstation is ideal for intensive thermal monitoring needs.

System Includes:

  • Enclosed Rittal portable cart
  • FLIR Infrared Thermal Camera Integration
  • Power Supply
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Windows based HMI
  • Machine PLC communication and control available
  • Gigabit network switch for multiple camera hookup
  • Quick-disconnect mounting option for cameras
  • Multiple Thermal Imaging and Analysis software's available with machine vision analytics
  • External hard drive for accessible image storage

Product Literature

thermal process monitoring workstation

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