Emitted Energy provides quality products and services dedicated to solving today’s issues in industrial heating. With our extensive range of products, including high-quality FLIR thermal imaging cameras and infrared heating solutions, we are dedicated to addressing today’s industrial heating challenges. From producing standard and custom Infrared quartz emitters for multiple applications to thermal imaging cameras for increased production quality and control, we are your trusted Infrared Thermal Technologies partner.

Our belief is that partnerships and key relationships are the foundation that holds our business together. As we acknowledge these partnerships, we recognize each of our customers as a member of our organization. As such, we view our customers as key stakeholders and valued members.

Everyday we continue to bring our vision to life as we passionately strive to provide world-class solutions, services and infrared products, including Thermographic consultation, custom infrared emitter design, FLIR Cameras and accessories, and more. Thank you for partnering in our journey, we promise it’s worth it–in fact we guarantee it!

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Our Products

Infrared Lamps

Used for industrial heating, our infrared emitters are designed and engineered to your specifications. When you need to apply precise heat with infinite controllability, infrared heating technology is the best option. These lamps are pivotal in processes requiring specific thermal profiles, offering unmatched precision in heat application. Emitted Energy Corporation manufactures Short-Wave, Fast-Response Medium-Wave, Carbon-based Medium-Wave and Medium-Wave infrared emitters. Each with the ability to be completely customized to your specifications, allow us to help you make the right selection to fit your needs.

Teledyne FLIR
Thermal Cameras

The Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging camera is the most effective tool available for Infrared Machine Vision, Closed Loop Process Control and Quality Assurance Imaging. They help you to validate and increase product quality and throughput and thereby give your products a competitive edge and increased profitability. They are instrumental in identifying inefficiencies and pinpointing thermal anomalies across various applications. Emitted Energy Corporation is a certified Teledyne FLIR Automation Thermal Camera Distributor.

Heater Banks

Heater banks are a cost-effective solution for implementing infrared heat into your process. From space heating to powder curing and glass manufacturing applications, nearly any project can implement and realize the benefits of utilizing infrared heating technology. They provide a seamless way to harness the benefits of infrared heating technology for improved process efficiency and product quality. Emitted Energy is a trusted and reputable supplier of high-performance infrared heater banks. These types of equipment can convert electricity into radiant heat and deliver vast amounts of warmth for heating processes such as dry-off and curing operations.

Camera Accessories

To complement our advanced thermal imaging solutions, we offer a wide range of camera accessories designed to enhance and optimize the use of our thermal imaging cameras. From precision lenses tailored for specific applications to robust mounting hardware and sophisticated software options for data analysis, our accessories ensure that your thermal imaging setup is fully equipped to meet the demands of your industrial processes. These camera accessories are key to unlocking the full potential of thermal imaging technology, ensuring that every detail is captured and analyzed for the utmost accuracy and efficiency.


The Thermal Process Monitoring System (TPMS) provides a complete process monitoring solution through integrated thermal imaging. With real-time infrared thermal data and designed software intelligence, our systems prevent complete failure of the process before unwanted issues and wasted scrap develop. This proactive approach to process monitoring is essential for maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency in any production environment.

Overall I think the install went pretty well. Everyone had an equal role in making the outcome great. We ran into a few issues but everyone was determined to make sure it all worked out in the end, and adapted well to the situations at hand. Everyone worked well together and we developed solutions as a team to ensure the end result was as intended... I enjoyed working with Emitted Energy and hope to do so again.

​Jace Rearick - McConway & Torley

I just received the R&D IR camera in the mail. You guys do a serious number when it comes to packaging these things. Well done!

​Tanner A. - Owens Corning

You guys are awesome! Your Team has been great to work with and we appreciate the help.

​Paul C. - Dukane

Customers we have worked with:

General Mills
Revere Plastics Systems
ABC Group
Flex N Gate
Owens Corning
First Solar
Milo Range
Continental Contitech