TPMS Shield

Complete process monitoring through an integrated thermal imaging system with real-time infrared thermal data collection and designed software intelligence. Complete automation and control utilizing FLIR infrared thermal cameras.

Emitted Energy has created a complete process monitoring solution utilizing integrated thermal imaging systems. With real-time infrared thermal data collection and designed software intelligence, these systems depict out of control process limits with analytical trending for analysis and smart decision making. The systems can connect to your existing PLC’s to communicate with your machinery, thus gaining control of your process, preventing unwanted issues and wasted scrap. Utilizing FLIR infrared thermal cameras, these systems will provide the best and most reliable information allowing you to optimize your quality needs. For complete automation and control, go with the ultimate thermal machine vision solution configured for complete process control.

Travel TPMS

The Travel TPMS gives you great flexibility for when you just want check out thermal imaging with your current processes. Get a camera and a laptop out on your floor!

Versatile TPMS

The Versatile TPMS provides the best of both worlds from the Travel and the Integrated systems. Get a high-performance software package that you can bring around to multiple pieces of equipment.

Integrated TPMS

For a fully integrated system, go with the Integrated TPMS. Add a seamless thermal camera system to your existing or new equipment for complete process monitoring and control.


Thermal Process Monitoring System Option
Travel Versatile Integrated
High Performance Computer
Industrial Touchscreen HMI
Laptop Computer
Industrial Enclosure
Premium Travel Case
Portable Camera Mounting Options
Hard Mount Cameras
Plug & Play Camera Connections
Multi-Camera Support
Hardwired Connections
Custom Programming
Multiple Machine Programs
Data output to CSV
24V Digital I/O Communication / Interface
Machine PLC Integration
Connect with External Sensors
IOT Capability
Easy Region of Interest Modification
Advanced Vision Tools
Process Control
Condition Monitoring


TPMS Applications

Automated Inspection Click here for details

The thermal process monitoring system (TPMS) automated inspection package includes the required software and programming for automated processes. This is a machine vision solution integrated with the equipment to monitor the process as it happens. The automated inspection package provides the option to halt the entire process and wait for supervisor inspection. Data is also recorded and retained for later analysis. Typical applications include weld monitoring, inspection processes and parts verification.

Actuplast Common 40 Sec Close Change Wall Thickness

Seal Inspection
AY Regular Run
Aim Acrylic
Corn Lifescie

Condition Monitoring Click here for details

The thermal process monitoring system (TPMS) condition monitoring package includes the required software and programming to monitor a process that may be constant and you are looking for anything varying from normal state. This package is typical for preventing expensive stops in production due to failure by identifying a problem as it develops. Mechanical and electrical equipment are the kinds typically monitored to identify and prevent dangerous and costly situations.

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring

Process Control Click here for details

Process control provides data to ensure that production line products are meeting the required specifications of temperature and shape. By measuring temperatures one can control and improve the overall production process.

Process Control
Process Control
Process Control
Process Control
Process Control
Process Control

Fire Prevention & Detection Click here for details

Many types of production materials are exothermic. It is important to be equipped with systems that will detect when such materials internal temperatures reach a point of igniting. This is a crucial safety measure in preventing building fires.

Warehouse Fire Prevention

Warehouse Fire Prevention

FLIR thermal imaging cameras provide an early warning response to hot spots that are detected. This is important for all types of warehouses. By detecting hot spots inn an early stage, warehouse fires can be avoided.

Hot Spot Detection

Hot Spot Detection

Electrical or mechanical installations tend to get hot before they fail. A small electrical problem can have sever consequences not only can production break down, but sparks can literally fly, resulting in a dangerous fire. By monitoring electrical and mechanical installations 24/7, thermal cameras can help to avoid fires.

Combustible Pile Monitoring

Combustible Pile Monitoring

Storage of some material brings along the risk of spontaneous fires. As always, prevention is better than cure. A thermal camera from FLIR can help to ensure safety and detect spontaneous self combustion. The system provides a cost-effective solution for continuous, remote monitoring of temperatures. Typical examples are coal piles, wood chips, ore milling, fertilizers, etc.

Waste Bunker Monitoring

Waste Bunker Monitoring

Waste is potentially flammable when stored. Self-combustion, heat development due to pressure, spontaneous chemical reactions between the disposals and methane gas build-up are potential fire creators. Thermal imaging cameras can help prevent fires.