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Our Vision

Our market vision is to be the premier supplier of infrared quartz heating elements and equipment with a strong focus on providing elite service and unsurpassed quality.

Our Business Model

We are focused in two areas: 1) Providing top quality industrial infrared heating equipment specifically designed to fit your application and turn-key thermal monitoring systems utilizing FLIR Infrared Thermal Cameras. 2) Deliver elite service with a 100% product guarantee.
Infrared heating technology is rapidly becoming the most trusted precision heating technique available, delivering infinite controllability and precise heat application to meet demanding industrial heating requirements. Our products deliver the precision and controllability required to meet these heating demands with guaranteed reliability – giving our customers the confidence they need to outfit their applications.
Our recent success in providing high quality infrared heating equipment with unsurpassed service and quality is only a reflection of our support to our people, and a commitment to our customer. Our best attribute is in the service we provide to you – a basic foundation that creates lasting relationships and trusting product reliability.

​A Culture of Growth

Emitted Energy Corporation is a growth minded business. Our investments in people, products and capital will always be aligned with our long-term strategy for growth. We are a business that will not be satisfied with product lines that do not have opportunity for bottom line growth. We are a business who will compete on – and invest in – the service, innovation, quality and peak performance of our employees and our products.
Lastly, we are a company who treats suppliers and customers alike as members of our team. And the goal of every day is to make progress wherever we are able, to compromise wherever we must and to always maintain a fun, challenging and rewarding working environment.
Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in partnering with Emitted Energy Corporation.

Roy S. Ray, VP