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Are you looking for a reliable and accurate way to monitor temperature in your heating processes? The Integrated Thermal Process Monitoring System from Emitted Energy Corporation could be the solution you’ve been searching for!

This system improves thermal imaging and has been designed to provide superior performance and accuracy by offering complete control over every part of your thermal processes. Whether you are an industrial manufacturer or a research lab, our systems can help ensure that your thermally-related equipment runs accurately and efficiently.

What is a Thermal Process Monitoring System

A Thermal Process Monitoring System is an important tool for industrial operations. It provides a comprehensive system that monitors and tracks the temperature of various processes within the facility. This can be used to ensure that production processes are running efficiently and provide data-driven insights into process design, performance, and optimization. 

Emitted Energy Corporation’s TPMS is an innovative solution for tracking and controlling the temperature of your industrial processes. This system utilizes advanced thermography technology to detect, measure, and monitor temperatures in various industrial applications, including other thermal process monitoring system (TPMS) equipment.

The system lets you quickly identify potential problems before they become dangerous or damaging. It also tracks temperature changes throughout the process, which helps you ensure that quality and safety protocols are followed properly and consistently. 

Why is it beneficial for industrial operations?

The TPMS of Emitted Energy Corporation provides users with a wide range of benefits for thermal processing and thermal imaging. This includes the following:

  • It is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of monitoring processes while reducing costs and improving safety. 
  • With TPMS, users can keep track of temperature-sensitive products in real time, enabling them to make critical decisions quickly and accurately. This leads to increased production output and higher-quality goods. 
  • Optimize your process with closed-loop control by creating zones and feeding temperature data directly to a PLC, setting limits to control heating elements, and automatically adjusting your heating zones with accurate and reliable temperature data.
  • TPMS offers improved safety by alerting operators when temperatures exceed safe levels, potentially saving lives in hazardous working environments.
  • TPMS is a reliable and cost-effective solution for thermal process monitoring and control. 

What to expect from  Emitted Energy Corporation TPMS?

If you want the best thermal imaging performance and accuracy, Emitted Energy Corporation TPMS is your solution. This cutting-edge system combines a FLIR IR camera with Enlighten software to capture real-time data and accurately measure temperature. 

Then, that data is sent directly to your PLC (programmable logic controller) for automated adjustment. With this advanced technology, you can rest assured knowing that your temperatures will always be spot-on and maintained at an optimal level. 

Whether dealing with hazardous materials or simply trying to keep your equipment running smoothly, Emitted Energy Corporation’s TPMS has everything you need to do the job correctly. Its superior accuracy and user-friendly features make it easy to use and understand. 

With Emitted Energy Corporation TPMS, you can expect reliable results that exceed your expectations. Make the switch today and take your thermal imaging performance to the next level!

Exceptional Quality for Thermal Process Monitoring System at Emitted Energy Corporation

Emitted Energy Corporation’s TPMS provides the perfect solution for many industries that require thermal process monitoring, from thermal imaging to thermal processing. With its integrated monitoring system, high-precision sensors, and thermal imaging devices, this TPMS offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability to detect dangerous temperature levels that may have gone unnoticed. 

Our team at Emitted Energy has worked hard to craft a top-notch product that covers thermal processing with precision, efficiency, and safety in mind – making it easy to trust us with your needs for thermal control. Our knowledgeable personnel are always pleased to assist you if you need help deciding the right solution.

Our knowledgeable personnel are always pleased to assist you if you need help deciding the right solution. From project kickoff. to installation, to final commission our top service technicians and engineers will be there to help you every step of the way. 

Contact us today and let us help you take the next step towards improved safety through a durable and reliable integrated Thermal Process Monitoring System from Emitted Energy Corporation!



Thermal Machine Vision

We will work with you to integrate your system. After installation, all that is left for you to do is turn the key and relax.

IIoT Compatible

Our systems will output radiometric data to a csv file. This can be integrated into large data networks or pushed out to the cloud.

Turn Key Solution

We will work with you to integrate your system. After installation, all that is left for you to do is turn it on. Then you can relax as the data is collected and retained for later analysis.

See your process in a whole new light

This fully customizable unit utilizes thermal imaging cameras with an advanced machine vision software. You can interface with the analytics program on the screen positioned on the face of the housing. All Versatile and Integrated TPMS are housed in custom units engineered to fit your company’s needs. This turnkey system takes the guesswork out of the equation for those who care about optimizing quality and efficiency while giving you analytics to prove your process is optimal.

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