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Emitted Energy Corporation is a leading service and product provider of solutions for today’s industrial heaters and heating processes. We’re your trusted Infrared Thermal Technologies partner that aims to produce standard and custom emitters used in multiple applications. We also have thermal imaging cameras for better quality and control of production while increasing its overall performance.

Our solutions include plastic joining, adhesive validation, injection molding, thermoforming, packaging and sealing, blow molding, food and beverage, early fire detection (EFD), and condition monitoring. On top of these services, we also offer distribution line services for better results.

Emitted Energy Corporation’s Products & Services

We offer complimentary and secondary products and services, which work together for improved performance. We can ensure you receive the highest quality and energy-efficient products or services for the best output quality. Here are our complimentary services and products, along with additional services and products:

Complimentary Services & Products

Our complimentary services and products include the following:

Power controllers

These are control instrumentations, such as load cells, temperature controllers, and more.

Our line of power controllers:

  • GFW 40A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 120A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 200A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 25A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 50A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 60A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 75A Single Channel Power Controller
  • GTF 90A Single Channel Power Controller
  • IR-12 Multichannel Power Controller Modbus
  • IR-12 Multichannel Power Controller Profinet
  • IR-24 Multichannel Power Controller Modbus
  • IR-24 Multichannel Power Controller Profinet
  • Programming Cable USB-Modbus GFX4
  • Programming cable IR12/24

Reliability technology

Designing for Safety & Reliability (DFSR) is a service that we specialize in, which is a cost-effective solution for maintenance and inspection. We can continuously monitor and track critical assets without the need to constantly fix or replace broken things. 

Infrared Windows we can handle under DFSR:

These are products and services that you can source from us that work best with our standard solutions. You can choose from these solutions to ensure that you get the best experience for your facility.

Solutions Outside of IR

Our additional distribution line services and products include:

Industrial Heaters

We offer a wide variety of heaters for industrial use to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Reliability Technologies

Reliability Technologies

These technologies are designed to keep your processes up and running.

"SMART" Protective Coatings

"SMART" Protective Coatings

Our protective coatings are scratch and marking-resistant to protect Class A surfaces.

Thermochromatic Components

These parts are easily installed, which provides a color-changing visual indicator.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors

Our leading ultrasonic sensors have a range of components, complete plug-and-play systems, and cost-effective and high-quality kits.


We utilize high-precision CNC machining services for various industries.

Liquid Level-Sensing Technologies

Liquid Level-Sensing Technologies

These technologies can measure silo inventories, automate processes, ensure safety, and protect the environment.

Our products and services are developed, designed, and manufactured with the best quality in mind. We ensure that the products come with a warranty to help you troubleshoot any issues. Furthermore, technical advice is provided for your industrial heaters and related equipment. 

Incredible Distribution Line Services from Emitted Energy Corporation

With infrared technology becoming a leading trend among various industries, Emitted Energy Corporation has the expertise and capability to provide you with infrared emission solutions for industrial heating processes. Apart from our exceptional services, we have distribution line services for your varying projects.

If you have questions or concerns about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready to provide you with the expert help you require for a better and more efficient outcome.

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