Travel TPMS

Deployable Thermal Process Monitoring System

TPMS Shield

The Travel TPMS utilizes analytics software equipped with FLIR Automation Thermal Cameras. This customizable unit comes standard with your choice of an automation thermal camera, a windows laptop, adjustable lensing options, all the necessary connectors and adaptable mounting options conveniently packaged in a durable travel case. This unit is typically used in preproduction analysis scenarios and can be used in a variety of different settings and processes



Research and Development

Thermal analysis gives key insights that are undetectable when using other vision methods. The TPMS relies on the infrared radiation of objects, allowing you to see in the dark, detect thermal contrast of parts with the same color and much more.


This travel unit can be fully broken down into a compact, durable travel case. Set up is easy and our mounting options let you set up anywhere, time after time. You can now bring a TPMS to multiple test sites.


Thermal imaging is used in various industries and companies for a multitude of reasons. Our Travel TPMS can be reused and even reprogrammed equipping you with an appreciable piece of technology.

The Adventure Begins

The travel unit gives you the ability to analyze thermal data in real time and manually capture images and create reports within the software. This unit is for anyone looking to better understand their process, and system developers.

Travel kits used for Early Fire Detection (EDF)
Travel kits used for Early Fire Detection (EDF)
Travel TPMS monitoring the quality of partsTravel TPMS monitoring the quality of parts