How to Set up a Camera via Enlighten

How to Set up a Camera via Enlighten


What additional equipment is needed for Enlighten systems to be set-up that is not included in quoted package?

You will not need additional equipment as all syste​ms are fully equipped: Equipment, Software, & Support.

Will annual licenses need to be purchased for the Enlighten thermal imaging software and what is the cost?

There are no additional fees for the software. In fact, if there are EBT related releases, we will coordinate with you to get them remotely installed.

​What is the additional cost for the Enlighten Systems to be tied into our company's security system? (ex: unlock the door if temp is okay, and not unlock the door if fever is detected)

The technology to do this is included in your package via ethernetIP/discrete I/O or Modbus TCP protocols. If you want to add a badge reader system with a PLC, the add-on and easy training are available.

We are currently looking to purchase multiple units for many locations, do you offer quantity discounts?

Due to the pandemic, we have marketed these systems to their lowest prices and don’t have opportunity for volume pricing models.

​Can the information gathered from separate units be downloaded and stored in one location? If so, how can it be accessed?

There are two ways.
Primarily, The system comes included with a web server and can be access live within the same network and domain. The second option is an included remote software you can utilize. We also use this remote software to support, if needed.

​When or How often is the gathered temp and image data downloaded to a the system? Is this something that would need to be done manually?

On every scan both the thermal image with time/date along with excel reporting can be stored. This is an option in the software and can be turned on or off based on your preferences.

If a person alarms, is both a digital and thermal image captured and stored?

Yes, the system does this (or you can disable this feature). In addition, you can have an email and/or text message sent to the appropriate people when an alarm is tripped.

What is the lead time for either the Enlighten Advisor or the Enlighten Standard+ systems to be delivered?

In response to the drastic need, we are constantly replenishing inventory and they ship within a week.

​Would installation be completed by Emitted Energy, a third party contractor or by our company?

We have packaged and “pre-set” these systems up by design to allow you to being using right away. We include a quick setup guide with images for every system, and a process guideline for the crowd control. We store this information on the desktop of the systems and also will send an electronic copy to you prior to the delivery.

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