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Visit Booth 1411 at The Assembly Show

We are happy to announce we will be exhibiting again this year at The Assembly Show in Chicago! Make sure you stop by booth 1411 and talk to one of our experts on how extensive line of infrared quartz emitters and FLIR automation cameras can benefit your application.

Custom Infrared Emitter Banks

emitter bank 1

Emitted Energy designs and manufactures infrared emitter banks to fit individual project specifications. These banks are the optimal choice when easy installation of additional heat is required in pre-existing industrial applications. Nearly any project can implement and realize the benefits of utilizing infrared heating technology. Get more details here.

FLIR Cameras Ensure Quality of Plastic Automotive Parts

Yanfeng App Story

IR welding is a relatively new technique that is used to assemble plastic components. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, the world’s leading supplier of instrument panels and cockpit systems, door panels, oor consoles and overhead consoles, has recently adopted this technique in its facility in Louisville, KY, USA, to join parts of the defroster grille of the Ford Escape vehicle. Thermal imaging cameras from FLIR monitor the whole process and make sure that quality of the IR welds is impeccable and repeatable.

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New Product Release: The A66XX Cooled Thermal Camera

It is now no longer difficult to monitor a high speed application, detect any minute temperature differences or measure the temperatures of very small targets. The addition of the A66XX to the automation series of thermal cameras provides the ability to accomplish those needs with ease.  Some noteworthy qualities of the A66XX are the fast integration times, the high sensitivity, an accuracy within 2ºC, all while taking up to 480 frames per second.  Contact us for more information and learn how the A66XX could be the solution for you.

A66xxA66xx bulb

Ambient Heat Changes Affecting Your Heating Process?

Many manufacturing plant floors are subject to rapid changes in ambient heat temperature, especially with the change in seasons. This inconsistency may eventually become a cause for concern to your heating process. When outside temperatures drop, your parts may not be able to retain the heat needed while moving down the assembly line. On the other hand, when ambient temperatures spike parts may become too hot. In either case, this can lead to failed quality checks, increased scrap, damaged material and more. By using an Emitted Energy integrated infrared thermal system we can assure you that your parts are getting the heat they require. With a closed loop system we are able to monitor your process and set an alarm when your heat specifications are not being met and either increase or decrease your heating elements output.

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As certified FLIR distributor and systems integrator we can be your complete heat solution provider. Contact us with your process needs by speaking with a certified thermographer and start getting your solution package ready!

Emitted Energy will be exhibiting at The Assembly Show in Chicago

Assembly invite v2                                              When you stop by our booth at The Assembly Show you will get to see a live demonstration on how products like the A315 can be beneficial to your production process. The A315 in particular is used to monitor products moving quickly through the manufacturing process and /or their fast fluctuations in temperature. Click here and use the code, TAS15emitVIP, to receive your complementary guest pass and stop by Booth #911 to discuss your specific application with one of our technical sales members.

Emitted Energy Corporation is proud to announce a new partnership with FLIR Systems Inc.

flir systems

Emitted Energy is now an authorized FLIR Automation distributor. For fully integrated thermal imaging and measurement solutions for applications such as industrial process monitoring, process development and optimization, product verification, quality assurance, safety applications and more, we will be your one-stop shop.

We’re taking our knowledge of thermal imaging stemming from our testing services, and offering the technology to our great customers. Partnering with FLIR allows us to deliver a methodology that has been implemented in a wide range of industrial automation applications all around the world.