The Teledyne FLIR Ax5 Series are an extremely affordable thermal imaging option. It is an ideal fit for an automation or machine vision environment. All models are extremely compact, perfect for mounting in locations of limited space.

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Teledyne FLIR A35 / A65 Features

​Extremely Affordable and Compact

Teledyne FLIR’s Ax5 Series models are low-cost thermal imaging temperature sensors that are ideal tools for monitoring temperatures in automation or machine vision.

​High Thermal Sensitivity and Image Quality

The Teledyne FLIR Ax5 Series produces high quality thermal images that can show temperature differences as small as 50 mK. Record crisp 640 x 512 pixel thermal images with the Teledyne FLIR A65, or for less precise applications, the A35 generates a 320 x 256 pixel thermal image that still allows you to easily track temperature changes.

​GigE Vision Standard Compatibility

GigE Vision is a camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication interface. GigE Vision is the first standard to allow for fast image transfer using low-cost standard cables, even over long distances.

​GenICam Protocol Support

The goal of GenICam is to provide a generic programming interface for all types of cameras. This protocol also makes it possible to use third party software with the camera.

​14-bit Temperature Linear Output

Allows for non-contact temperature measurement within any third party software. A built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allows real time 14-bit image streaming to a computer.


Possible to configure one camera to be master and others to be slave(s) for applications that call for more than one camera to cover the object or for stereoscopic applications.

​Teledyne FLIR A35 & A65 Technical Specifications

System OverviewFLIR A65FLIR A35
IR resolution640 × 512 pixels320 × 256 pixels
Spatial resolution (IFOV)90° × 69° with 7.5 mm lens63° × 50° with 7.5 mm lens
45° × 37° with 13 mm lens48° × 39° with 9 mm lens
25° × 20° with 25 mm lens24° × 19.2° with 19 mm lens
12.4° × 9.92° with 50 mm lens13° × 10.8° with 35 mm lens
6.2° × 4.96° with 100 mm lens7.6° × 6.08° with 60 mm lens
Image frequency30 Hz60 Hz
Detector data
Detector pitch17 µm25 µm
Object temperature range-25°C to 135°C (-13 to 275°F) / –40°C to 550°C (-40 to 1022°F)


Imaging & Optical Data
Thermal sensitivity/NETD< 0.05°C @ 30°C (86°F) / 50 mK
AccuracyAccuracy ±5°C (±9°F) or ±5% of reading
Detector data
Focal Plane Array (FPA) / Spectral rangeUncooled VOX microbolometer / 7.5–13 µm
Detector time constantTypical 12 ms
EthernetControl and image
Ethernet, typeGigabit Ethernet
Ethernet, standardIEEE 802.3 / RJ-45
Ethernet, communicationGigE Vision ver. 1.2 Client API GenICam compliant
Ethernet, image streaming8-bit monochrome @ 7.5 / 30 / 60 Hz (variant dependant) Signal linear/ DDE, Automatic/ Manual, Flip H&V 14-bit @ 7.5 / 30 / 60 Hz (variant dependent) according to IR camera resolution Signal linear/ DDE, GigE Vision and GenICam compatible
Ethernet, powerPower over Ethernet, PoE IEEE 802.3af class 0 Power
Ethernet, protocolsTCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, DHCP, GigEVision
Digital input/output
Digital inputGeneral purpose , 1× opto-isolated, “0” < 2, “1”=2–12 VDC
Digital output, purposeGeneral purpose output to ext. device (programmatically set)
Digital output1× opto-isolated, 2–40 VDC, max 185 mA
Digital I/O, isolation voltage500 VRMS
Digital I/O, supply voltage2–40 VDC, max 200 mA
Digital I/O, connector type12-pole M12 connector (shared with Digital Synchronization and External power)
Synchronization In, purposeFrame sync in to control camera
Synchronization In1×, non-isolated
Synchronization In, typeLVC Buffer @3.3V, “0” <0.8 V, “1”>2.0 V.
Synchronization Out, purposeFrame sync out to control another Ax5 camera
Synchronization Out1×, non-isolated
Synchronization Out, typeLVC Buffer @ 3.3V, ”0”=24 MA max, “1”= –24 mA max.
Digital Synchronization, connector type12-pole M12 connector (shared with Digital I/O and External power)
Power system
External power operation12/24 VDC, < 3.5 W nominal < 6.0 W absolute max
External power, connector type12-pole M12 connector (shared with Digital I/O and Digital Synchronization )
VoltageAllowed range 10–30 VDC
Environmental data
Operating temperature range–15°C to 60°C (+5°F to 140°F)
Storage temperature range–40°C to 70°C (–40°F to 158°F)
Humidity (operating and storage)IEC 60068-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity 25°C to 40°C (77°F to 104°F)
EMCEN 61000-6-2 (Immunity) EN 61000-6-3 (Emission) FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class B (Emission)
EncapsulationIP 40 (IEC 60529)
Bump25 g (IEC 60068-2-27)
Vibration2 g (IEC 60068-2-6 & MIL-STD810G)
Physical data
Weight0.21 kg (0.46 lb.)
Camera size (L × W × H)106 × 47 × 50 mm (4.2 × 1.9 × 2.0 in.)
Tripod mountingUNC ¼”-20 (on three sides)
Base mounting4 × M3 thread mounting holes (bottom)
Housing materialMagnesium and aluminum
Scope of delivery
Packaging, contentsCardboard box, thermal imaging camera with lens, focus adjustment tool, printed documentation, user documentation CD-ROM, FLIR Tools download card
Flir a35/65
Automation and Industrial Safety

The FLIR A35 & A65 may be ordered with one of five lens options each. Below are field of view calculators for each camera/lens option.