Early Fire Detection (EFD)

Our state-of-the-art EFD systems are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing plants, coal fields—anywhere valuable material is stored.

Fires progress through four stages: the incipient (the “ignition”) stage, the growth stage, the fully-developed stage, and the decay stage. Typically, fire detection systems detect fires at the growth stage, since that is when smoke begins to be noticeable; traditional fire suppression systems, such as sprinklers, are not activated until this happens, by which point the fire has grown considerably. This means the fire has already damaged a portion of your valuable materials, costing you thousands of dollars.

Our Early Fire Detection solution can detect fires at the incipient stage by identifying hotspots and can autonomously alert you of such locations. In this way, fires are prevented even before they begin, saving you those precious, valuable materials and thousands of dollars in damage. Contact us to find your EFD solution.

Coal PileA coal fire detected by our EFD systems

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